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For the go BIG or go home crew Yellowfin Hybrid Bait Socks are a game changer! Hybrid Bait Socks are engineered for maximum bait size holding capacity and pristine bait health and longevity. The Hybrid product line was specifically designed for anglers wanting to keep larger baits for extended periods of time.

Hybrid Bait Sock Design features a rigid fiberglass tube with a low friction injection molded silicone nose cone. Tube length can vary based on installation requirements.

Yellowfin Hybrid Bait Socks are perfect for Jumbo Blackfin Tuna, Jumbo Bonito, Large Mahi and Yellowfin Tuna up to 30lbs. The wide oval shape of the fiberglass tube section allows for larger/thicker fish than our Blackfin Bait Sock. Also a deeper/longer size helps keep larger fish fully submerged and healthy. These are comparable to traditional large Tuna Tubes, but will keep bait frisky longer without the need for additional plumbing or swimming pool pumps.

Hybrid Bait Socks are highly customizable for your particular install situation. Hybrids can be fiberglassed together in our shop resulting in a smooth clean finished install look and feel. They can also utilize our specialized Sea Sucker mounting system making them easily removable/installable.

Hybrid Bait Socks work well in existing baitwells as well as free-standing bait tanks. That’s right, you can easily keep tuna alive in a free standing bait tank.

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No Pump – Bait Sock Only -$39, 12v DC Marine Pump, 24v Variable Speed Magnetic Drive Pump +$50, 110v AC Magnetic Drive Pump +$50, 110v AC Variable Speed Magnetic Drive Pump +$50


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