What does it take to keep big bait alive?

This question has been asked for years around the globe. There is no simple answer but it really comes down to three variables.

Tuna Tube Flow

Tuna Tube Temperature Management

Tuna Tube Oxygen and CO2 Levels

If your tuna tube setup is missing one link of the 3 variable equation you are not holding baits to your boat’s maximum potential. Take time to step back and determine which areas you can improve on or adjust completely.

Now that we understand the details of each of these variables and how the impact the livelihood of your bait we can approach our tuna tube setups from a logical, rational standpoint assess them and adjust/improve to keep big bait healthy and alive for longer

As always we here at are here to help. The idea of change can be daunting especially if your system is ‘kinda’ keeping bait alive. Feel free to drop us a line for some one-on-one consultation and tell us about your setup or issues.