Big Live Bait Equation

What does it take to keep big bait alive?

This question has been asked for years around the globe. There is no simple answer but it really comes down to three variables.

Flow + Temperature + Gas = Long Lived Bait

If any of the three are out of whack, your bait will expire rather quickly.

For instance, I can have perfect flow, but high temps = dead bait.

I can have the perfect temp and too little flow, or improper/turbulent flow = dead bait.

I can have perfect flow and perfect temp but if my dissolved oxygen is low, or my CO2 is high… you guessed it = dead bait.

So… how do we know how to tackle all these items and keep big bait alive for extended periods of time? In an effort to consolidate years of experience, successes and yes, many many failures we are going to take a in-depth detailed look at each of the variables on their own. Links to the detailed articles are listed below. The content of these articles changes from time to time as more is learned and as studies are released.

Article 1

Tuna Tube Flow

Article 2

Tuna Tube Temperature Management

Article 3

Tuna Tube Oxygen and CO2 Levels