Velcro Mount




The Velcro Mounting System is a fantastic installation method for existing live wells and bait wells. Velcro Mounting is also popular for adding a few Bait Socks to a free-standing bait tanks.

The Velcro Mounting System provides a hole-free mounting option that makes the Bait Socks easily removable. Often anglers will want to remove the Bait Socks for portions of the year when not needed. The velcro mount is the perfect application for this need. Use your live well for big baits when needed and remove the Bait Socks when you need the live well for other smaller species.

The velcro mounts also make it easy to transfer the Bait Socks from boat to boat so you can take your Bait Socks with you on friend’s boats and for charters.

No Screws
No Holes
No Mess

Installs in Minutes
100% Non-Invasive Install – easily removable with no-trace of install left behind

Velcro Install Method for easy to install tuna tubes

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Weight 2 oz


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