Blackfin Sock


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Blackfin Socks are perfect for Blackfin Tuna, Bonito, Large Hardtails, Rainbow Runners, small Mahi and small Yellowfin Tuna up to 15lbs. The short wide design allows for maximum size range while consuming as little space as possible. These are comparable to traditional Bonito Tubes, but will keep bait frisky longer and with much less overall water flow. A portable, easily removable tuna tube that can be added to any baitwell or livewell.

Bait Sock Tuna Tube Dimensions

Bait Sock Flow Diagram showing the proper tuna tube flow

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No Pump – Bait Sock Only -$39, 12v DC Marine Pump, 24v DC Marine Pump, 24v Variable Speed Magnetic Drive Pump +$50, 110v AC Magnetic Drive Pump +$50, 110v AC Variable Speed Magnetic Drive Pump +$50


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