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Mackerel Socks are a complete game changer for tournament King Mackerel fishermen! Finally a solution for keeping the large baits alive for extended periods of time. Mackerel Socks are perfect for keeping Spanish Mackerel, med-large Hardtails, chicken Mahi and small Bonito alive. The narrower diameter allows for skinnier bait like Spanish Mackerel and Mahi. The long narrow design keeps the bait frisky while consuming as little space as possible, allowing boats to keep massive amounts of good, large, quality baits alive. These are comparable to nothing on the market and are a complete Game Changer!!

Mackerel Bait Sock Dimensions

How to Keep Mackerel alive to use for bait
Mackerel Socks secure the bait while allowing proper water flow to reach their gills to keep them alive and frisky for extended periods of time.

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