300# Marlin Wind-On Fluorocarbon Leaders


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When slow trolling large live baits in search of big old fish often stealth is key. In situations like this, when money is on the line, stealth is paramount, and putting a big fish in the boat is a MUST fluorocarbon is the go-to.

BigLiveBait.com’s Fluorocarbon Wind-On leaders are built with 15′ of 100% high quality 300# Fluorocarbon, snell knots hand tied in the USA using all quality components.

Catching a large billfish puts maximum strain on every piece of equipment in the game. Don’t let your leader be the fail point. Loop to loop connections to the leader allow for multiple benefits over traditional snap swivels and crimped loops.

  • Maximum Stealth – no added weight or drag from the snap swivel
  • Bait swims more freely, lively and presents more realistic action
  • 100% loop to loop connection from leader to mainline, no knots, no swivels, no crimps
  • Wind the fish all the way up to the rod tip

MANY big fish have been lost boat-side due to leader line puddled under the mates feet and getting wrapped around the mate, the boat or the rod tip. The absolute biggest benefit to a wind on arrangement is that the leader can be reeled onto the rod/reel. There is never a slack situation as there is when a swivel is involved. When a swivel is used to connect the mainline to the leader the angler can only reel until the swivel reaches the rod tip. At that point the mate takes over hand-lining the fish. Lots of ‘bad things’ can happen during this period. The line can get wrapped around the rod tip resulting in a destroyed rod and a lost fish. The line can get wrapped around a person which can result in disastrous consequences for both the person and the fish. All of these issues instantly disappear when a wind-on is used and the angler can reel the fish all the way to boat-side.

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